Meet the Baker

Baking has always been a passion of mine. I made raspberry muffins for my fourth grade show and tell, cherished my Easy Bake Oven, and binged-watched Food Network more than any eight year old probably should. But owning a bakery one day was just a bullet point on my list of “maybe one day”. During the past two years, I decided I wanted baking to be more than a hobby, and I realize it was something I was capable of doing. So, I started Doux Vegan Doughnuts in my own home. 


As a vegan for three years and a vegetarian for eight, I wanted to create clean desserts that didn’t sacrifice flavor. After much experimentation, I crafted my signature dough and delicious flavors to go on top. 


Right now Doux Vegan Doughnuts is cottage-kitchen certified, and my main goal is to expand beyond my kitchen into a standalone bakery where I can reach as many people as possible in the Atlanta area! I hope to see all of you there one day.